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Eversewn Fashion Sewing Kit

Eversewn Fashion Sewing Kit

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You're going to love all the essential tools for your fashion sewing in the Eversewn Fashion Sewing Kit. Ready to start or refresh your sewing tool kit? We have you covered. 

Your kit includes 1 of each:

- Assorted Hand Sewing Needles 20 cg,

- Easy Wind Bright Bobbins 10ct,

- Glass Head Pins 100 ct,

- Crease Marking Took,

- Mini Craft Clips 10 ct,

- 4.5" Mini Micro Serrated Edge Scissors,

- Measuring Gauge,

- Finder Saver Needle Pullers 2 ct,

- 3.5" Seam Ripper,

- 8" professional Tailor Scissors,

- 40" Retractable Tape Measure,

- 3 Piece Tweezer Rool Pack,

- Tailors' Yellow Chalk Wheel,

- Water Soluble Adhesive Tape 

With this comprehensive sewing tool set you are ready to dive into your fashion sewing projects with ease and confidence you are well equipped. 

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