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Cool Stitches Sewing Journal

Cool Stitches Sewing Journal

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Choose from our library of Cool Stitches Sewing Journal pages to create your own sewing journal where you can daydream, plan, and document your creations. Pages are designed in a clean, minimalist style to highlight your work. Our pages are excerpts from our upcoming printed and bound version that will include these pages and more! 

Cool Stitches Sewing Journals will be in hard copy format and will include the following pages, along with references, tips, and techniques all spriral bound in a wonderfully designed cover featuring artists' makes and renewed regularly to inspire your sewing adventures and provide an ideal way to document them with your personal project notes, samples, and photographs. 

Our Project Plan Pages, a two-page spread, are the core of your sewing journal so you'll want multiples of those pages. They take you from planning to executing and provide an option for photos too. This means your new sewing journal pages become a wonderful scrapbook too! 

The Calendar Pages, a four page spread, are laid out in a very useful column format with one quarter per page so you can easily plan and forecast your activities at a glance! Use different colors for your activities to add even more clarity! Jot down your classes, appointments, workshops, personal and professional activities, and then fill in with all the sewing milestones you plan. You're going to love using these pages. 

 We have a variety of tracking and inventory pages too. My Machines is set up to document your machine names, serial numbers, and track your service dates - because servicing is the best way to ensure your sewing is not interrupted with machine failures! 

The Project List is designed to act as your index for projects you have in mind, plan to do, or maybe haven't quite decided if they are on your to-do list. The format helps you to decide what's next by helping you track what you do and don't have on hand. And then, of course, as you check off those completed projects you can be proud of your accomplishments, and know there are pages included in your journal with the details and photos! 

The Ideas and Wish List is perfect for jotting down a variety of information you come across for projects, classes, new fabrics and resources. It becomes the spot you refer back to when building your Project List or beginning your Project Plans. 

The Stash Tracker is a great place to jot down your fabric info as you add it to your stash. You'll have the content and care instructions at your fingertips. Additionally, when you're daydreaming about your next projects you can browse your swatches to see which is the best option, or get project inspiration by browsing your swatches! 

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