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  • Juggling Chicks Cool Sewing Kit - Cool Stitches
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Juggling Chicks Cool Sewing Kit

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These Juggling Chicks are so cute to juggle or adorn your shelves to keep you company in your kitchen, office, or family room! They are a quick to sew project and can even be done by hand if you prefer. This is an ideal small project for a sew along since there are three of them in each kit, and when completed can be used as playful decor or to learn and show off your juggling skills.

Your Juggling Chicks Sewing Kit includes:

1. Colorful cotton fabric for 3 Juggling Chicks
2. Felt for beak, comb, and wattles
3. Embroidery floss and needle for making eyes
4. Filling to stuff your Juggling Chicks
5. Complete instructions with templates for felt pieces

Your Juggling Chicks can be sewn by hand or machine. Every kit is different with fabrics options to make 3 matching chicks or 3 different ones. Fabrics vary by box making your Juggling Chicks unique! Choose matching or varied. Rice and polyester wadding are used to stuff chicks making them ideal for juggling or display.   

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A great sewing project for beginners or those who want to make something fun. Your Juggling Chicks will make cool gifts as a kit or once you make them!