Purse Clasp Sewing Book Kit
Purse Clasp Sewing Book Kit
Purse Clasp Sewing Book Kit
Purse Clasp Sewing Book Kit
Cool Stitches

Purse Clasp Sewing Book Kit

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If you're curious about using metal purse frames to create cute, boutique-style coin purses and handbags, this is a perfect Cool Stitches Sewing Book Kit for you. It includes color step-by-step photo guides to learn just how easy it is to install a metal purse frame and create a beautiful, professional-looking bag. There are 14 unique designs to use your new skills, and we provide everything you need to get started on at least a couple of them the moment your Sewing Book Kit arrives.

These sweet and simple coin purses, pouches, purses, and tote bags make excellent gifts for friends, family, co-workers, and teachers. In fact, most projects can be completed in a few hours! The best part is, your kit includes two high-quality metal clasps, along with everything you need for your first projects, so thread your sewing machine, and you'll have beautiful bags in no time!

Cool Stitches Sewing Book Kits feature our favorite popular sewing books full of wonderful projects you will love to make. And to ensure you start enjoying your new sewing book the moment you receive it, we select a sampling of the book's projects and provide Everything you need to complete these select projects;

  • Featured Sewing Books
  • Carefully curated quality fabrics
  • Required notions
  • Specified supplies, as needed
  • Something special to delight you! 

The Cool Stitches Sewing Book Kits make wonderful gifts for those in your life who love to sew - maybe you! Enjoy making the projects in your Cool Stitches Sewing Book Kits and you will have beautiful handmade items you will love to keep or gift.

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