Stay Sharp Club

There is nothing fun about working with dull blades or needles that aren't sharp, straight or the right ones for the job. And who wants to stop in the middle of project to go get them or wait for an order? We have two great options for you:

  • The Stay Sharp Kit with Rotary Cutter, Replacement Blades, and Fresh Sewing Machine Needles
  • The Stay Sharp Refresh with deliveries of your Replacement Blades and Fresh Needles

The It's So Emma Rotary Cutter Case is only 2.8 ounces and has a mesh pocket and elastic strap inside to hold things in place, and a zip closure. Ideal.

We fill it with a Fiskars 45mm Rotary Cutter, a 2 pack of Fiskars 45mm Rotary Cutter Replacement Blades, and a Schmetz Sewing Machine Needle Combo Pack so you can stay immersed in your sewing projects without worrying about sharp tools. 

Introducing our new Stay Sharp Refresh - a subscription service. Each subscription starts with the Rotary Cutter Case, Rotary Cutter, and Schmetz Needle Pack.



Once you have your initial Stay Sharp Kit be sure to sign up to keep your blades and needles refreshed on the schedule you choose. You select how often you want your replacements by choosing your schedule and managing your own subscription.

  • Do you sew almost every day? Choose monthly
  • Do you sew with friends? Choose bi-monthly and share a them
  • Do you sew when ever you can grab a moment? Choose quarterly
  • Are you a weekend warrior? Choose your option - or skip a delivery
  • Just want the initial kit for a gift? What a great idea!
Sign up today and never run out of sharp sewing machine needles and rotary cutter blades!