Welcome to Cool Stitches The Coolest Sewing Club on the Planet!

Welcome to your new favorite place for Sewing Subscription Boxes, Sewing Machines, Notions, Supplies and a Great Sewing Community!

 Cool Stitches emerged when I discovered that the passion I have for creating, which comes out in my sewing and the fun events I deliver to bring everyone together had an intersection. I have decades of sewing experience and consider myself a constant student. I love to expand my knowledge by engaging industry experts, and then sharing both what I learn and who I meet with my sewing enthusiast circles. My background is in business and marketing of technical services, and while I enjoy the challenges encountered and experience gained, being in my sewing studio is one of my favorite things. Planning a good party - and I can turn every moment into a party - is the other.

 These two passions - sewing and bringing people together for a wonderful experience - are the foundation for Cool Stitches and our motto to explore, learn, enjoy! We’re doing this through our sewing subscription boxes, planned online activities, and special events. It's more than just a sewing store. It's a community! Welcome.