Cool Stitches Sewing Book Kits

We're so excited about our Cool Stitches Sewing Book Kits. Our kits feature our favorite sewing books along with everything you need for a sampling of the projects featured in the books to help you maximize your enjoyment and appreciation of these wonderful books without the hassles of identifying, shopping, and waiting on what you need to get started. Start sewing the moment your book arrives as the centerpiece of your kit!

Our Cool Stitches Sewing Book Kits Collection will evolve over time to showcase a nice variety of books featuring something for every sewing skill level from beginner through expert. There is something fun for everyone.

Every Cool Stitches Sewing Book Kit includes

  • A popular sewing book
  • Carefully curated fabrics coordinated to a sampling of included projects
  • All notions required to complete selected projects
  • Any additional materials required for selected projects

You provide the time and talent and start sewing the moment your Cool Stitches Sewing Book Kit arrives!