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Yes - I Want All The Buffet Dresses

Do you get the chance to watch the British Sewing Bee? I only get to catch others' snippets on Twitter and then click over to YouTube because it doesn't run here and I haven't plunged into the adventure of doing the work arounds to see it live. What I did see this week was The Buffet Dress. 

I've never heard the term Buffet Dress, but I sure liked the silhouettes presented by Sewing Bee contestants in the highlights I saw! That took me on an e-journey to understand what makes a dress a buffet dress. And I like it. It speaks to our new comfy lifestyle with a dash of style, color, and whimsy really. There are so many great options already becoming popular across both the indie and commercial sewing pattern world, but I never knew there was a category called THe Buffet Dress. Now I do. 

These Buffet Dresses are typically loose fitting and flowy, which provides an excellent format for showcasing beautiful fabrics in all their glory. They incorporate non constricting waistlines and voluminous silhouettes and while typically longer, you can pull off shorter styles. You can also incorporate a variety of styles from tailored to frilly depending on your details. Think squared necklines and a-line silhouettes with patch pockets; full, cuffed 3/4 length sleeves, and button details to reflect a more tailored look. Do this in stripes, checks, plaids, or solids using linens and shirtings. 

Now imagine a multi-tiered version with gathered neckline, billowing sleeves, and deep in-seam pockets done in a voile, tencel, or rayon blends in florals or soft geometric prints to exude a more soft feminine vibe. Then there are all the looks in between that draw on influences from around the world. 

I'm in love the The Buffet Dress. Sizing and fitting are simplified, and wearing them is a breeze as you can just slip into them and breeze through your day. Pair your Buffet Dresses with anything from sandals to chunky boots or sporty tennis shoes and socks, which helps make them the most versatile way to dress this year.

Three of my favorites right now are The Wilder Gown by the Friday Pattern CompanyThe Charlie Caftan by Closet Core (version A), and this glorious Cocoon Dress by Style Arc.

Here is a link to 5 Free Buffet Dress Patterns courtesy of Craftworld who describes The Buffet Dress as, "Anything that has a relaxed shape which covers your body can be considered a Buffet Dress, puffed sleeves and tiered panels of the dress have been popular features."

With summer coming, I can imagine so many days of looking carefree and being comfortable in the summer heat and humidity all while greeting each day with a great summer frock from my new Buffet Dress collection. 

While we've been seeing these dresses emerge this year I want to thank the British Sewing Bee for introducing me to the name for this dress category. Now, do you have any Buffet Dresses in your wardrobe? We want to see them!  

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