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Will Work for More Fabric! Your Perks Are Here

We finally did it! We found a nice way to reward you, my sewing enthusiast friends, for making and posting and sharing your sewing box projects. I've wanted to have an ambassador and referral program since we began our subscription box journey but needed to find the right tools to keep it streamlined as we grow. The ones we selected work really well for us. 

I'm pleased to announce we now have our Ambassador and Referral Programs ready for you to join and start enjoying the perks. Here's the scoop:

Cool Stitches Referral Program. You don't even have to be receiving one of our (really cool) subscription sewing boxes to take advantage of this program. You just join, get your referral code and then tell everyone to get one of our (really cool) subscription sewing boxes for themselves. It's just like being an affiliate. You earn a commission on every box they receive for as long as they do. The more people who sign up with your referral code, the more you earn. How cool is that? 

Cool Stitches Ambassador Program. We want more people sharing their makes and reviewing the designers and fabrics as sources for everyone and so we decided to choose customers who love to sew, snap pictures, and blog about it to help us showcase all the cool projects we send to you all each month. Why? Because I get so excited when I see your makes and I want to share your photos and notes with everyone else too. 

You do have to be accepted as an Ambassador and it starts by meeting the following criteria:

  • Have an active subscription to one of our Cool Stitches Sewing Boxes
  • Have an active Instagram profile
  • Be in our facebook group, The Coolest Sewing Club on The Planet

Once you are selected as an Ambassador we ask you to commit to the following activities for up to a year while you earn your perks! What are those perks? When you complete your round of activities for the month you receive a discount on your next subscription box! This means every few months your box is really free. Then, every quarter you complete all the activities you can also have a box sent to a friend! 

Okay, so what are those activities you ask? Things you probably already do if you are the ideal Ambassador. Can you commit to the following? 

  • Five social media posts each month 
  • One blog submission with photos each month
  • Once a week participation in our facebook group discussions highlighting your reviews of our projects
  • One facebook live in our facebook group focused on sewing or our projects each month

You'll see a pattern right away. If you are sewing your projects and taking photos and notes along the way you have everything you need to accomplish these fun, interactive activities! And we'd love to hear from you about what you're doing and what you have to share with the rest of our sewing enthusiast friends! 

Right now I am looking for one Ambassador for each of our FOUR subscription box series - Bags Totes Organizers, Love To Sew, J Stern Designs, and Sew Fun. If you already love to sew and share your projects 'socially', then why not get some perks for doing so? Email debbi.gray@coolstitches.com with your interest in to becoming an Ambassador. We're going to have so much fun!

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