Those Cool Fringe Earrings

You're probably wondering why I chose those cool fringe earrings as the first thing in the Paisley Pond store? Well, as I was researching all the things to do to open Paisley Pond, I decided there just had to be one first thing, and I love statement earrings! I saw these and decided, let's just see if everyone else loves them too. The key will be to sell them to you before they all migrate into my jewelry box. 

Since the idea was to test the waters, the supply is very limited. So, if you love them too, jump on it, because they are going to be popular! They're only $9.00 and shipping is free. 

Watch for these cool fringe earrings to be featured in our upcoming styling of the next fun find we have. 

Teaser: Cropped leg jumpsuit. Whaa!! It's super cute, and you're going to love the way it looks on you. Easy to wear and wonderful to look at. It will transition between seasons nicely too. Come back soon! 

~ paisley pond


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