Technicolor Tote. Design by Sue Spargo - Review - Cool Stitches

Technicolor Tote. Design by Sue Spargo - Review

Oh, hey there! Did you get in on the BTO Cool Stitches Sewing Box this round? It's a great project you can use in any area of your life where you’re going to tote some tools – or thingies! This one is by Sue Spargo  - a first time feature for us. It’s the Technicolor Tote and it’s a fun project to make.   

The Technicolor Tote is not complex and looks great when you’re done. The rows of ribbons around the body add such a nice look. I am actually making another one with fabric strips created from scraps of my favorite projects. I'm leaving the edges unfinished to give it some personality...I love both versions! 

For our subscription boxes we’ve selected coordinating Renaissance Ribbons to complete your project that were meant to play around with to get a layout you enjoy. There were two versions. One was centered on the Tula Pink Lineworks line of ribbons and the other was a beautiful floral Kasse Fasset that looked gorgeous on the yellow linen too.  

The fabrics were a wonderful yellow Essex linen and a quilting cotton lining in a dark shade of blue or black to help keep the inside from showing smudges with all the work it would be doing. Of course there was some cotton webbing for the handles and Bosal In R Foam for structure, along with a package of 100% cotton 9.1 mm thread to accomplish some nice accent stitching around the top edge. I included a Schmetz U-90 needle to use with the foam just in case...  

This was our first Sue Spargo pattern and we were pleased with the clear instructions. The project isn’t complex and I’ll bet if you try it out you’ll make more than one! I did. I hope you'll consider using strips of colorful fabrics in place of the ribbons for a cool look too. Be sure to follow along as we complete the tote and add the photos too. It's such a great project. 

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