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Sewing Tip: New Thread!

"If you find you are having any frustrating tension problems, threads, snapping, or bunching at the needle while sewing, first always try a new thread with a fresh needle and chances are this will solve it." Dutch Label Shop

I know! This means destashing that thread collection and making sure to have a new spool with every sewing project.

It's worth it. You've heard this from us before and we'll say it again. Using new thread solves and avoids many construction, sewing, and other issues. Read more from our friends at Dutch Label Company:


Even though cheap, bargain bin threads may look the same at a glance they are often made with lower quality, shorter fibers which are not smooth so will easily catch while passing through your sewing machine, leaving you with a weaker, stressed thread that is prone to snapping.


If you do manage to get your project sewn up with it, there is almost nothing worse than wearing your new handmade piece and having a seam (or worse, a zip!) come undone as the thread has snapped for seemingly no reason. This includes clearing away any questionably old threads you have had lying around, as just like anything they deteriorate and become much weaker with time. Sorry to grandmas handed down thread stash but now is the time to declutter!

So, how many of you have a years - or decades - old thread collection? I do. And I do use some of my old thread for making kids play clothes or crafts and non-essential mending but when I start a new project there is always a new spool of thread to go with it. It's important enough that we include a new spool of Gutermann thread in every sewing box we send out, and on every machine we service. 

Good luck with your next sewing project! 

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