Sewing Subscription Box Highlights

Sewing Subscription Box Highlights

As of April 1, 2022, when you purchase a sewing subscription box you also lock in that price for the life of your active subscription. Forever. This is one of the perks we provide you for choosing us and then staying with us to enjoy your sewing projects regularly. I appreciate your loyalty and your business. We are evaluating prices again to determine if we have the right prices in place to bring you the best sewing projects we can. 

We have two subscription boxes that are monthly and two that are on a six week rotation. Each of these also has options for spreading out your scheduled deliveries so they arrive when you're ready. 

Monthly (plus bi-monthly and quarterly)

  • Sew Fun - Small projects across a variety of categories from accessories to decor
  • Bags Totes Organizers - Bagmaking for confident beginners and intermediate sewists and including advanced skilled people who aren't quite ready or wanting to do hard core bagmaking. Projects can be done on your regular sewing machine with common sewing tools and easy to install hardware. 
  • The closing date for our monthly boxes is the 10th of the month with boxes shipping before the end of the month. 

Six Week (plus 12 week)

  • Love To Sew - Garment sewing with a focus on wardrobe basics and classics that flex with the times as well as a couple trending items.
  • J Stern Designs - A six box garment sewing series with a focus on pattern hacking. You receive three patterns designed for this series alternating with three projects teaching you to make completely different garments from those patterns through thoughtful changes and alterations. Jennifer Sterns presents tutorials for all six boxes as a bonus to the series. 
  • The following are the 2022 closing dates for our six week schedule. Delivery occurs approximately ten days following the closing dates. 
    • January 31
    • March 14
    • April 23
    • June 1
    • July 16
    • August 27
    • October 8
    • November 19
    • December 31 

Oh my gosh, our sewing subscription boxes are so much fun. You will sew up to 12 projects and/or up to 9 garments in a year. Just think, if you want to sew handmade gifts you can do so with our sewing subscription projects and spread them out over the year!

When we are brainstorming projects for our boxes we save our ideas to our pinterest page - in case you want to check it out. 

Better yet - send me your ideas for a sewing subscription box project and if I select your idea you will win a nice surprise! Comment below with the pattern and fabric ideas (content, colors, motif/prints), and include your motivation for selecting this project idea. ~ Happy Sewing, Debbi

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I am an major fan of Whitney of TomKat Stitchery. I saw her youtube opening your subscription boxes. Very nice. My question is, do you have monthly subscriptions for just apparel projects without craft projects? Thanks much! Brenda Miller


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