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Saturday Duffel is our October BTO Box Project

Our October Bags Totes and Organizers box was such a cool project! Did you get yours? It's the Saturday Duffel by Polka Dot Chair and Melissa Mortenson, and mom and maker is our designer. I love this project! 

Your box includes a very cool jacquard blue and cream fabric that you can decide works with the foam stabilizer or just the SF 101 interfacing. I think either works well depending on what level of structure you like. Oh! And, you can do the body of the bag with either the blue or the cream as the dominant color because the fabric is reversible. We're in love with it. Bonus points if you can figure out how to incorporate the fringe feature along the selvedge edge too. The zipper is Sallie Tomato Zipper by the Yard which is so dang cool to use for all of your bag making. 

Speaking of zippers, the construction for this project is clean and simple so don't be put off by the zipper being a main feature. The overall construction is quite straight forward so your bag should be pretty easy for even confident beginners and quite satisfying for experienced sewists. Click over to Polka Dot Chair to see what Melissa shares about construction of this cool project.

Your box also features a colorful polyester webbing that is quick to sew and easy on the hands and shoulders when carrying. Our boxes come in both a cozy and jazzy color attitude so there are two variations for the linings, handles, and zips! Have fun with your project and be sure to share your makes! #coolstitchesboxes

Ready to sew up your next Bags Totes Organizers subscription box project? 

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