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October is in the Bag!!

We have a winner!! Our October GiveAway random winner is Sandra Hines! Watch your email Sandra because we want to send your prize via USPS.

Everyone can enter - and earn extra chances too. Every month we slip a nice extra surprise in one of our boxes and off it goes to a random winner. Then we select a winner from all the entries. Announcements are at the end of the month...You can enter each month on the website. Check it out!

This month we featured a book we love that integrates sewing + quilting in a number of fun projects to fill your life with fun new things. Of course, we'll add the materials for one of those projects - because that's what we do. :) 


I don't know about you, but I cannot believe October 2020 is in our rear view mirror...and while it's my favorite month, it came and went so quickly. So much is going on lately it's like a whirlwind. We've welcomed a brand new grand baby girl into our family and we couldn't more delighted! Little girl sewing is so much fun. Of course, I decided to overhaul the studio during this same time-frame and that completely overtook all my sewing time!

What I am mostly pleased about though is to finally see our monthly inventory roll in at a better rate then we've seen in 2020! We had a couple outstanding items that were scheduled to arrive late and with that October boxes are on their way!! These are really nice ones too. Photos soon! Watch our IG posts.

  • I'm excited about our Bags Totes Organizers project. It's by a very popular designer, Emmaline Bags, and has a couple interesting details I can't wait for you to see and try. We've selected two darker colors/patterns for fall as the main fabrics, and then the complementary colors really make the project pop!
  • For our Love To Sew project we are featuring The Sewing Workshop and a nice garment you'll love to incorporate into your fall wardrobe. This series is on a 6-week rotation, so new subscriptions close on November 2 and shipping occurs about a week later. 
  • Our J Stern Designs series is underway with multiple projects hitting the streets, and the final pattern release revealed soon! The fabric selected for Box 5 is a beautiful sweater knit from Italy. I think you're going to like it. The best part of this series is the comprehensive tutorials you'll find with Jennifer on the Teachable platform. If you aren't signed up let me know and we'll get you there. 

We have so many updates coming your way. We are adding new vendors regularly and the fabrics, patterns, and fun gifts we have expanded to include are really something.

As we come to the end of 2020 we want to hear from you for our design planning for next year! I am finalizing a survey I hope you'll complete. It focuses on what you think should be in our boxes and kits - themes, projects, designers, fabrics, notions, upgrades, etc. Then we want to know how you want to engage with the designers - interviews, lives, tutorials, or other ideas. Also, what do you want to learn?  I'm looking forward to hearing your ideas. This is the best sewing club on the planet! Because of you.

Thanks for being here! Debbi

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