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October Bags Totes Organizers Project Photos are Arriving!

Do you know what I look forward to every day? The messages and photos you send about your completed projects. Especially when they are from your Cool Stitches Boxes! This is what makes The Best Sewing Club on The Planet - you!

Today I received the following from Marcia about her project from our October Bags Totes Organizers box. This one featured a really great Emmaline Bags pattern called the Road Trip Wallet. We did the largest version and selected the option with rivets and include a rivet tool as our gift to make sure everyone could include the rivet feature. Here are Marcia's project photos and what she had to say:

"Love this box - the fabrics were great and the pattern was well written!  I loved the illustrations and how they were referenced in each step!  The only change I would make would be to switch thread to a matching color for the center zipper pocket so the top stitching would blend in - it was hard to keep it even and neat.  I had never used rivets before and  really like to look the give it!  I will use them again on other projects!!"

"Thanks for a great box!!" Marcia

Thank you Marcia! And I did go back and forth over what color thread to include. Thanks for the feedback. We love hearing your thoughts so we can continuously how we serve you!

What we love about the October's Road Trip Wallet is the clear instructions and beautiful designs from Emmaline Bags. Additionally, they provide nice templates to ensure placement for key features like the card slots goes smoothly. I really enjoyed the fabric used on the cover so identified a similar one to have similar looks for both of our color families for the boxes. This was a rewarding project to be sure. I look forward to seeing more of your photos!

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Keep Sewing! Debbi

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