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Large Format PDF Pattern Printing

With the trend towards PDF delivery of patterns I've been researching options for printing them that doesn't include printing at home and tiling all those pages into a usable pattern. I don't like doing it this way, so we always include a printed pattern with our sewing subscription boxes for that reason. I only sell what I would use myself.

In researching these options, I came across this list (updated and slightly edited for this post) from our friends at Cashmerette. It summarizes very well some attractive options for you to print your favorite PDF patterns - the same ones we use!

Your Cool Stitches Sewing Boxes always include a printed pattern - sometimes we print them for you if a designer only provides the PDF version. I thought we'd share some of these resources with you. If you have another one, let us know and we'll add it to the list. 

    • This online PDF plotting business has great prices and pretty quick shipping (2 – 5 business days, with same-day printing if you order before 2pm).
    • A standard 36 x 48″ Copyshop pattern sheet is only $1.39! The catch is, there is a minimum order cost of $7.49 (so you need to print 7 pages),
    • Shipping is USPS Priority Mail: $6.99 - $9.99.
    • To order, indicate the number of originals (that’s the number of sheets you’re printing), the number of sets (the number of copies you want) and then you’ll be asked about the dimensions of the files. Confirm this for the files you are selecting with each company.
    • This is another online PDF plotting company, and they offer 36 x 48″ Copyshop pattern sheets at $1.50.
    • They don’t have a minimum number of pages, but there is a “set up fee” of $7.  
    • Shipping is variable, but at $16 to Boston, it’s pretty steep. 
    • Now you can get patterns that you purchase from printed and sent to you. It’s only available for Pattern Review members and on patterns purchased there, but there has been a great response to it so far!
    • Prints start at $4.50 per pattern and can be shipped anywhere. I've seen specials as low as $2.50 too. Be sure to take advantage of this when it's available. 
    • This online printing company focuses solely on sewing patterns. The cost of a 36×48 sheet is $1.60 (in black and white, or in color!)
    • Shipping within the US is 1 - 6 pages First Class @$5.25. Patterns are mailed folded and can ship in a first-class envelope.
    • There is no minimum or setup fee. 
  • Stitch Sew Shop
    • This lovely indie fabric shop based in Alexandria, VA will print your PDF patterns at the cost of $5 for up to two pages, $2.50 each additional page, per pattern.  
    • Patterns will be shipped to you, folded. Shipping costs are $5 for up to 5 pages of patterns, $10 for more than 5 pages..
    • You can either pick them up in person if you live nearby or pay for them to ship the patterns to you.

Isn't it nice to know you can have your pattern and print it too? :)


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