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January BTO Reveal!!

I get so excited for everyone's subscription boxes to start landing on their doorsteps! Packing them always feels like wrapping presents. I thought I'd try something new to showcase the projects, so, tada!! The January Bags Totes Organizers box reveal - or opening - we'll work on that part. 

This one happens to be the Cozy color attitude and you'll see the fabric and notions included for the project, the featured pattern from Vanilla House, and a little something to delight you. There is also a scrapbuster project you can download, and the teaser postcard for next month. I also stuck a cute Valentine postcard you can keep or mail. And, of course, the caramels. I love the caramels!

What do you think of the project and the box reveal? I am going to continue to work on these until...I win an emmy award!! LOL! Stay tuned for reveals for our Love To Sew Box too. 

Every month I exclaim each box to be my favorite! The information pages include photos of previously featured boxes. Take a peek and see what you think. 

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