Exciting Update to Our Monthly Giveaways

Exciting Update to Our Monthly Giveaways

Yes, we are still doing our monthly giveaways. I love them! Here's how it works: Every month we give away a nice gift to two people. We add ONE of the gifts to a random sewing project box going out to our subscribers, and ANOTHER is through our online drawing. 

How do we choose the gifts? There is no rhyme or reason, I choose something that strikes my fancy and have two of them ready for the month. 

What are we changing? When and where we announce the winner. We did our announcements a number of ways always targeting the end of the month. Well, that's our busiest timeframe with our intensive activities in support of fulfilling our subscription sewing boxes - what was I thinking?

  • We will announce our winners the first week of each month after we draw the winners in the giveaway. We don't know who receives the gift in their box though - unless they let us know. :) 
  • We will announce the winners in our facebook group - The Coolest Sewing Club on The Planet. <hint-hint; You should visit us there>. We are a small group today but hope to grow with our sewing happy hours, project reviews, reveals, and tips. 

Good luck in the Monthly GiveAways!! 

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