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Eversewn X / X2 Embroidery Resources

I am having such a great time with my Sparrow X Embroidery machine. I hope you are too. I have joined the facebook group, Eversewn Sparrow X Owners and Interest and find Marcia to be extremely responsive, knowledgable, and a great resource. I've seen where she has connected with people to work one-on-one to resolve their issues. She answers everyone's questions thoroughly and thoughtfully. It's a great resource and I highly recommend connecting there for an online resource. 

If you're interested in embroidery workshops, we are in the planning stages for starting them soon. These will be in Fleming Island, Florida and led by a local embroidery expert I knew through our American Sewing Guild chapter, Carolyn Bassingwaithe. We are setting them up as in person lunch (first) and learn workshops that will be up to a 1/2 day long. You can attend with or without your machine, but hands on learning is always the best. Once we have the venue confirmed we will identify dates and times. We may include some content in our facebook group, but will determine that as we are designing the agendas. More details will be in upcoming emails and in our facebook group.

My latest interest in embroidery is making patches! Check out this Eversewn video on YouTube to see how to do this. Then, let me know how you are going to use your patches! I'm thinking they'll look great on my hats. 

The Eversewn X2 (and all sewing machines) have fluctuating inventories, but we can get them. You can order yours with a down payment of 50% and the remainder upon delivery. They're an affordable embroidery machine, and when you buy one from us we include a free gift and support. Learn more about the Eversewn X2 and see what you think! 

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