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EverSewn Sewing Machines and Products - Love at First Stitch

We are so pleased to let you know we are now offering EverSewn Sewing Machines - the Sparrow line! If you haven't heard of them, EverSewn is a new sewing machine and notions brand in the US. They recently shared with me that their goal is to offer quality sewing machines and accessories at an entry level price. What differentiates them from other brands is their modern and fresh take on design and great quality at an affordable price.  

We are offering their standard sewing machines that range from a straight forward mechanical model, through several computerized versions with increasing numbers of stitch options. The Sparrow line includes: 

  • EverSewn Sparrow 30 with 310 stitch patterns in total, including 32 utility, 84 decorative, and 2 full alphabets.
  • EverSewn Sparrow 25 is the top model in the series. It includes 197 stitch patterns in total, including 1 alphabet, 7 buttonholes, and 1 eyelet stitch.
  • EverSewn Sparrow 20 includes 80 stitches with a generous maximum stitch width of 7 mm and 15 needle positions.
  • EverSewn Sparrow 15 is a mechanical model without computer control. The stitch package features 32 stitches including a buttonhole with a maximum stitch width of 5mm. This is a great starter machine, or your straight forward get it done model. 

These are just the teaser facts for these great machines! More information as we post it for each machine. At 14 lbs and full of options, you're going to want one of these for yourself! 

If you are interested in their embroidery models. Let us know because they are the perfect way to get into the embroidery club and not drain your bank account. 

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