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DIY Stitched Paper Easter Eggs

I had so much fun today creating a DIY Easter Eggs for our Easter brunch centerpiece this weekend. I love decorated eggs and of course, I love all the stitch patterns on my sewing machine. Add to this the ease of accomplishing DIY projects with my Cricut Maker and this was a no brainer. 

I gathered my old spool of colorful threads and some cream color pearlized cardstock and stitched rows of various stitch patterns across the width of the paper. I secured and covered the backside of the stitching by placing large adhesive labels on the back of the full sheet of stitched paper.

Next I cut the stitched paper into egg shapes with the stitch lines running horizontally across the eggs.

If you're using the Cricut Maker, I uploaded a simple egg shape and sized it to about 3 x 2 so they were 3 across and 3 down for 9 total eggs. I selected flocked cardstock as the medium to account for the threads but also the cardstock.

After cutting out the eggs I applied dots of clear-drying glue to the stitched edges with a small brush.

Lastly, I attached a string hanger to the backs using sticky dots. They are cute. You could put them back to back for designs all the way around. I wasn't concerned with that and wanted more individual eggs. 

What kind of DIY Easter Decor or Gifts do you make? 

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