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A Look Ahead to 2021: Ambassador Program

Are you ready to put 2020 in the past? I am. Well, not before we wrap up the year and get some holiday cheer over Christmas and New Year's. It will be different, but I know all my sewing enthusiast friends will find a way to make the holidays brighter because you are so creative and innovative! 

What new ideas do we have in store for you in 2021? Some familiar things improved, and some new things to delight you I hope! 

  • Launching our Ambassador Program! 
  • Presenting new limited release Sewing Project Kits!
  • Updating our Subscription Sewing Boxes and schedules!
  • Interviewing our favorite Designers, Experts, and Trend Setters! 

This post is about our Ambassador Program. Check out our blog for the other three topics. 

Launching our Ambassador Program

I've been thinking about our Ambassador Program for a while and have finally narrowed down the details to the point we can invite you to participate if interested. It's a wonderful opportunity to showcase your talents in sewing and communications while earning rewards for doing so.

If you love to sew, have fun with social media, and enjoy sharing your projects and ideas, you will have a great time as a Cool Stitches Ambassador. The nice thing is we are always exploring new designers, patterns, and projects so you are not limiting yourself to one company name.

What we ask is you complete the selected projects, take pictures and notes about what you love, send them to us and share them on your social media with our recommended #tags. We will also use your content across our communications - emails, blog, website, social media - giving you credit.

Each time you accomplish your assigned projects you receive $$ rewards towards your subscription boxes or products. Who doesn't love to have discounts on their sewing projects?! 

If you have ideas about what would make this a great Ambassador Program, please email me with your suggestions. We are accepting applications soon. I will post the link in an upcoming newsletter so you can consider it. I can't wait to see your posts!! 

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Hi Debbi:

I look forward to the applications for the Ambassador Program coming out!

I finished the Hudson “pant” in the black/gray/red fabric. I think it would be a good suggestion to add stay tape or interfacing to the pocket edge. Mine tends to pull away from my body to make my belly bigger than it is. I also found the ankle edge to be tight. I can’t imagine making the shorter version unless I was given a heads up about checking the diameter of the binding.

Please send me the kit for Pamela’s Patterns. I never did receive it.

I hope there weren’t many people who didn’t place an order with you during the ASG Marketplace because of the shipping costs.


Melanie Hart

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